Wise Men Still Seek Him-SALE!

Cheryl Deborah Thomas

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Original songs from my Christmas musicals and four traditional Christmas hymns for the whole family! Special Tribute to Jesus who is the reason for the Season in the original song Happy Birthday Jesus! Worship the King this Christmas!

There are four original and four traditional Christmas songs on this album. You can worship and proclaim the truth of our King with these new Christmas songs and beloved hymns! Happy Birthday Jesus (I Just Want to Say) was a song I wrote when I prayed that I would have a special song for Jesus being born as our greatest Christmas gift. It is a tribute to Him! It's Christmas Time ( a proclamation song the children sang with the angels), Wise Men Still Seek Him ( Singing Glory to God in worship as the angels did) , and Anna's song ( the cast member "Anna the Prophetess" sang this in the "Temple"). These songs were in the musical I wrote "A Clock Maker Christmas".

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