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Do you want your children to know the Bible?

Music is one of the best ways to communicate truth to your children as they will learn the truth while singing fun catchy melodies!  This is what my songs offer for your children!  

These songs have been on national radio, national/international publishing, and used in Vacation Bible Schools, Christian Schools, Home SChool events, Musicals, and classes teaching guitar, piano, and voice.  

Knowing the Lord and His Presence and His Word...this is what I have always asked God to give me and it is what I want for my family and your family and friends.  What is more important?  Nothing compares to having God's Word in our hearts, hearing His Voice, and knowing His love and peace. My songs have come for those times of seeking God in prayer, worship, and even these songs were written out of that time.  My prayer is that these songs and stories will be a blessings to your family and friends to help them know God's Word and His love for them! 

These songs and stories are here to help you teach the bible and grow closer to the Lord. Some of us including me did not have this ministry as a child...for me I came to the Lord at 15.  But I always said to my three children that they had the opportunity to follow the Lord from a very young age (4).

We all need to have God's truth in our hearts and receive His Precense into our lives.  Raising children and parenting, pastoring, teaching and guiding the next generation are such important roles and we need God's help for our children and to help them in their development.  Learning God's truths and applying them to help ourselves and our children is top priority for walking into our destiny the God has planned for us.

These resources are for you to help you raise your children with the truth in a fun and musical way! We only have so much time while our children are young and like wet cement we make an impression on their lives that will "set" to last a life time. 


 Blessings to you! 

 Cheryl  :)  




What are Biblical Arts? 

Learning Music, Art, and Drama While learning Bible Truths!

Learn Bible Stories and Scripture

along with Performing and fine arts!  


Listen to this song about how God is our Strength: