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About Me: I am a worship leader and songwriter.  I have been in worship music ministry for over 20 years.  These songs are Bible Stories and Scriptures set to music to help you and your children learn the Bible! I also have a new children's audio book series: Birdville

I just completed my new soaking worship album 
"Meet Me Here".

Whether you are a parent, pastor, children's pastor, youth leader, teacher or worship leader--these songs (and stories) will help your goal of getting the truth of God's word into your life and your children's hearts. These songs are for the whole family!  Let's sow the truth of God's Word through songs and stories they will remember! 



 Cheryl  :)  


Check out my new Soaking Worship CD: Meet Me Here


Listen to this song from "Meet Me Here":

"The Battle Belongs to the Lord"





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