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Do you want to learn to write songs?  Singer/Songwriter Cheryl Thomas who teaches Songwriting/Worship Leading, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, and Voice Classes, will be teaching a fun free workshop at the CHEA Convention on Saturday June 30th!  Everyone who attends will get a free e- book on the elements and skills of songwriting! In the workshop the basics of songwriting will be covered and we will all write a song together! This workshop will be a great introduction to the skills of songwriting!


The Workshop for adults, teens, and children will be at 10:30-11:10 am in room 208 at the Pasadena Convention Center.  Cheryl will also have a booth “Cheryl Thomas Music” where you can purchase resources for songwriting, songbooks for learning guitar, piano, voice, and ukulele, and her brand- new Bible Curriculum at special CHEA convention discount!



 Room 208 Pasadena Convention Center Cheryl Thomas Music–Let’s Write a New Song! 10:30am-11:10am
Do you want to learn to write songs? Songwriter Cheryl Thomas will teach this fun, informative workshop for adults/children/teens. 


Hello! So glad you are here visiting My site! I have free resources and would love for you to join my email list so I can send them to you!

I am a singer/songwriter, worship leader, speaker, author, and teacher.  

I teach workshops for your church, school,ministry and for your leaders as well as provide bible based children's music and teaching for your events. Some of the workshop topics are:

*Worship Leading for children and adults

*Teaching Children to Worship

*Song Writing for kids and adults

*How to learn the arts with the Bible 

*How to create and direct your own musical

*How to Hear God's Voice!



Our workshops will train and equip your parents, leaders, and ministry leaders to spread the good news and truths of the Bible with the Arts!

These songs, stories, scripts and songbooks with original children's christian music will give your leaders the resources they need to provide bible learning and fun for your children's programs, homeschool bible teaching, drama's, VBS, chapels, church and children's ministry conferences, leadership training, school and homeschool conferences , and other teaching or music events.

Here is a short example of teaching that goes with the bible song "Abraham" Do you want to have faith like Abraham? 


Whether you are a parent, pastor, children's pastor, youth leader, teacher or worship leader--or you want to learn to lead worship , or your children would like to learn --kids love to sing and they remember the truths of these songs (and stories) which will help your goal of getting the truth of God's word into your children's hearts. 


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For your quiet time check out my new soaking worship CD: Meet Me Here

Listen to this song from "Meet Me Here":

"The Battle Belongs to the Lord"








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