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 I am so glad you are here!  

Take a look around this site and listen to the songs! 


   I wrote these songs and stories, and created my songbooks that go along with my CD's, to teach Bible truths while singing, playing guitar, playing piano or just listening to audio stories with read along books! 

   Knowing the truth sets us free to know God, worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, and fulfill our destiny to do good works.  We are His workmanship in Christ Jesus!

   Only Grace and the free of gift of salvation in Jesus gets us into Heaven, but after salvation there are "works" that the Lord created long ago for us to walk in .  

   The Lord is calling us to take our place in His Kingdom and fulfill our destiny in Him!

 Blessings to you! 

 Cheryl  :)  

What are Biblical Arts? 

Learning Music, Art, and Drama While learning Bible Truths!

Learn Bible Stories and Scripture along with Performing and fine arts!  You learn skills for:

Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Voice, Drama, Songwriting and Art!